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Ocean front villas




Nordic Minimalist Architecture.

In Norse mythology Valhalla is the anglicised name for Old Norse: Valhǫll. It is described as a majestic hall located in Asgard and presided over by the god Odin.

This is our singular piece of work of elegant and of functional architectural form that rethinks design ideology, with dramatic views of the oceans and wild valleys of the Madeira archipelago in Portugal, set a amidst breathtaking valley.

The Design
Minimal, functional with sea side living re-imagined.
Design that is dedicated to creating space for escapism.
The Pursuit of Perfection
Every detail is carefully curated. Slow luxury like never before, lived through the lens of enlightenment. A search for peace.
Built using plenty of from sustainable wood, metal and recycled materials. Employs a fabric first approach to energy efficiency - wrapped in natural and recycled insulations to reduce energy demand before considering the potential of expensive ‘renewable’ energy systems.
Sky Gazing
Stunning sky light voids above your abode.
Space Time
We spend bulk of our time in living spaces that we call home. Each room is just built right for disconnection and privacy.
Integrated toilet, showers and sinks with a view. Everything you need in simplicity including an indoor bedroom spa bath.
Individual spaces with character.
Open plan, designed around a spa experience for meditative tranquility.
Polyvalent Spaces
Yoga, painting, or sun lounging, there are spaces for time spent with just you.
The Ocean
Set in the valleys in the outskirts Ribeira Brava, Madeira, by a plantation on the sea.