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Want to buy your own Prometheus Property?

Buying a property which doesn't yet exist is not for the faint-hearted, however, many buyers and investors have already reaped the rewards for their bravery!

The concept is to buy a property off-plan at current prices. When the development is complete, about a year or so later, the capital appreciation will have made it worth much more. In a strong market, as we've seen recently, profits of between 10% and 20% can be made from an initial 25% deposit. As a result, demand for off-plan property from developers remains strong and consistent.

The AURORA Site Plan
Construction completing DEC 2022

Property No. Lot No. Style Style Name Bedrooms Total Living Area Total External Area Total Swimming Pool Area Total Built Area Plot size Altitude (metres) Total Price $* Total Price €* Status
1 A1 Aurora Style I 4 240 ㎡ 176 ㎡ 36 ㎡ 452 ㎡ 590 ㎡ 90m - -SOLD
2 A2 Aurora Style II 4 182 ㎡ 173 ㎡ 36 ㎡ 391 ㎡ 522 ㎡ 90m - -SOLD
3 A3 Aurora Style III 4 118 ㎡ 155 ㎡ 28 ㎡ 301 ㎡ 266 ㎡ 90m - -SOLD
Exchange Rates

* Prices are estimated as of today's exchange rate.
EUR to USD = 1.08


* Prices exclude IMT Tax, Registration Taxes 5 - 6%, Stamp Duty, Notary Fees 1%.

Status Key

AVAILABLE: This unit is available for purchase.

FIRST OPTION: A buyer has reserved the unit for 2 weeks whilst Agreements are being prepared.

RESERVED: This unit has been reserved and the buyer has pre-purchase signed agreements.

SOLD: This unit is now sold and under agreement or sold to the buyer.

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