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Exquisite Homes in Paradise surrounded by Nature, Sugar Cane Fields and pristine Beaches


Although relatively small at just 65km by 45km, Mauritius has a wide diversity of landscapes. Rugged cliffs and natural beauty in the south give way to luxurious forests, waterfalls and gorges complete with hiking trails on the plateau of the dormant volcano in the centre of the island. Most of the north of the island is covered in vast sugar-cane plantations, while the Black River area to the west boasts superb beaches, abundant in spots well-known for their fishing and water sports offerings. The beaches and mangroves to the east are swept by the gentle sea breeze, day and night.

At the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is an island paradise offering the ideal, safe and secure getaway destination, with and endless amount of things to see, do and enjoy.

Our project SIÉNA.GRANDBAIE offers you with the opportunity to be the owner of your very own shining beacon that you can call home, all at the height of luxury, and in an environment that is second to none.


Smart luxurious homes of the future. This secure estate is set to become your island retreat; your own paradise where you can relax and enjoy life, letting on-site management cater to your every whim. Live the dream and seize this rare opportunity to sample and invest in the Mauritian way of life, True Paradise and heaven on Earth!

The Grand Baie area is situated in the North west of the island, spanning over a beautiful coastline. It is a true reflection of the Mauritian way of life, with fine, sandy beaches at Mont Choisy, Trou Aux Biche, Grand Baie and Pereybere. All properties offer spectacular sunsets due to the sky decks.

SIÉNA.GRANDBAIE is set back from the noise, amidst sugar cane fields in an absolutely beautiful location, whilst remaining a heartbeat away from all urban facilities and amenities.

Suburbs of Grand Baie

Grand Baie town, located on the North coast, offers one of the most stunning Mauritian lifestyles with beautiful landscapes. It provides the ideal setting for a Prometheus Home, allowing you to live your dream, surrounded by blue lagoons, sugar cane fields, flawless nature and vast mountains.

Property Styles

The Prometheus projects were crafted with a vision of giving you a shining beacon to call home. Mauritius lies in the heart of the Indian Ocean, abundant in rugged cliffs, magnificent waterfalls and endless opportunities for invigorating adventure. That is why we created 5* luxurious homes to match the environment.


  • Rooms: 3
  • Built Size: 123.25 ㎡
  • Dipping Pool: 5 ㎡
  • Bathrooms: 2


  • Rooms: 2
  • Built Size: 94.35 ㎡
  • Dipping Pool: 5 ㎡
  • Bathrooms: 2


  • Rooms: 3
  • Built Size: 197.22 ㎡
  • Dipping Pool: 7 ㎡
  • Bathrooms: 3

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The Grand Baie area is highly sought after, thanks to its stunning, pristine beaches, bustling lifestyle, highly developed communities and unspoilt scenery. All of this makes for not only a great destination, but a sound investment too. Siéna is situated amidst immaculate surroundings at the heart of the Rivière du Rempart, very close to over 5 turquoise blue beaches and reefs, with fine sandy beaches ideal for swimming and water sports purposes.

Lunch on the Beach: Enjoy a vast selection of chic restaurants in the North; the perfect way to relax and indulge.

Sailing: Cruises, sunsets, fishing, Barbeques... the list is endless, Grand Baie provides a great environment to make a fun splash with water activities.

Tourism Boom: The Northern most area of Mauritius was the first area of the island to fully experience the rewards of a boost in tourism.

Grand Baie is one area in Mauritius where you can find endless shopping and recreation opportunities, including bars, discos and casinos.

Surfing: Grand Baie is considered as excellent opportunity for Wind Surfing enthusiasts.

Everything at your fingertips

There are several amenities accessible from the development, inclusive of shopping arcades such as the “La Croisette”, “Bagatelle”, “Mont Choisy Promenade”, “Super U” and “Sunset Boulevard”. But that’s not all. You can also find boutiques, restaurants, supermarkets and cafés, as well as other various shops in addition.
There is a variety of infrastructure available for a boat house and boat ramp, with Moorings for rent too.

Things to Do

The entire Rivière du Rempart area is just waiting to be discovered - both inland and along the coastline too - from hiking to the suburbs of Calodyne or Cap Malheureux, to exploring the fine, sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the lagoon at Grand Baie (a renowned spot for residents)

For Golfers, there are 2 superb 18-hole golf courses to indulge in: Maritime Resort and Spa Hotel Golf Club (Balaclava) and the new Mont Choisy Golf Course (Mont Choisy).

Outdoor activities for all ages are on offer at the Casela Adventure and Wildlife Park, and you can discover the raw wonder of exotic African wildlife. Activities include aerial rope slides, go karts and quad bikes. Families can visit several natural and historical monuments nearby in addition.

Want to spice up your evenings? The local nightlife offers restaurants, beach clubs and night clubs to get involved in..

FREE 2-YEAR GOLF Family Membership


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Worth €10,000



Are you a golfing enthusiast? Take advantage of our free 2-Year membership offer, allowing you to join one of our chosen partner golf courses in the vicinity of your Prometheus home. You’ll receive this privilege when you sign up to Club.Prometheus to manage your property after construction. If you’re interested in the membership, just let us know, and we will take care of the rest!

For 1 day a month, you can book a Porsche MACAN to drive around Mauritius. Do you have guests coming? Do you want to take your family out for a meal? Or even just experience the sheer driving performance that Porsche offers? Well now you can if you are a CLUB.PROMETHEUS member.

Shooting Stars, Spectacular Sunsets

Not a day goes by where spectacular sunsets don’t occur, with shooting stars and the entire galaxy showing itself above your head - every night! Living in Mauritius offers you a truly unique experience to live through a different set of eyes – once you never could have imagined existed.

Still not enough? Well, the coastline is perfect for deep sea fishing as well as dolphin watching – something for every adventurer!

SIÉNA.GRANDBAIE Homes have sky decks on the top floor, ideal for sun lounging and star gazing. An infinity pool seals the deal, allowing you to watch every breath-taking sunset – day after day.

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Your Package on Reservation

Purchasing a Prometheus Home is a very special decision, and surely one of the biggest ones you and your family will ever make! Upon the reservation of a property, we will provide you with your very own Prometheus Hamper, containing the following:

Virtual Reality Headset
Purchasing a Prometheus Home is very exciting, and just because it’s not built yet, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the entire project in advance - both interior and exterior - at your own convenience and leisure. Show your friends and family and plan your new life in your new house by exploring its true potential - anytime you need - in our virtually simulated world.

Your Home's Brochure
Please consult our premium comprehensive brochure anytime. Show your friends and family too!

Home Owner's Manual
Our 250-page folder contains everything you need to know about your purchase, the upcoming process, application procedures, benefits to you, services provided by Prometheus, maintenance of your home, documents required, forms needed later on, information on your surroundings, the country, warranty, home features and the journey ahead right up to the point of hand over.

3D Pop Up Cards of Home Design
Sometimes, it’s just plain fun to open up a card, and watch a realistic model of the property you purchased come to life, right before your very eyes! Carry it anywhere you want, or display it in your family room to remind you of the new life in Paradise you have just invested in.

Proposal Booklet
These are the forms you need to sign that inform you of your financial commitment to the project and officially reserve your chosen unit. It also allows us to start “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) due diligence on you.

Prometheus is all about quality and service, handling each and every one of our clients with unrivalled white glove treatment. You can expect the same quality of attention to detail to your home, as the experience you have had with products, marketing material and our website.

Project Timeline

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    • February 2017
      Inception and Discovery
      Prometheus successfully identified a viable site for the project.
    • March 2017
      Project Set Up
      Creation of company, partner agreements, resolutions and project road map to deliver project from concept to construction.

      Preparation for all applications begin.
    • April 2017
      Site Video is Created

      Architect begins work on the site plans and designs.

      Discovery process begins to determine best design approach for the plot of land.
    • May 2017
      Finalisation of Architectural plans
      After deliberation and continuous refinement, the project design is confirmed, ready to proceed to the approvals and marketing phase.

      Project videos, virtual reality, brochures and all other supporting material is printed ready for distribution and marketing.

      Application is shortly lodged with the Board of Investment, Mauritius for marketing approval.
    • May 2017
      Application to Board of Investment approved
      Project is approved for marketing worldwide, full launch begins and the project is now open to the public for purchase.

      Prometheus is required by law and its banking partners to achieve a number of sales as determined by the institution in order to begin construction and issue the buyers with a guarantee of completion.
    • June 2017
      Preparation for the next stage of the process
      Background preparation for the next phase of approvals at the Board of Investment begins. Prometheus begins extensive work to issue tenders, approvals from various ministries such as land use, environmental and others.
    • July 2017
      Off plan sales until financial break-even point
      October 2016 - October 2017

      Property sales are ongoing and once a level of sales is achieved as defined in the business plan, Prometheus will be able to offer the buyers a Guarantee of Completion to start construction.

      Prometheus will collect deposits safely in escrow from all client reservations and keep clients updated regularly on the process.
    • December 2017
      Sales required to start construction achieved
      We anticipate this to occur within 12 months of marketing and once achieved, we apply for final approval from the Board of Investment for a Certificate of PDS to begin construction.
    • March 2018
      Approval to start construction under "Property Development Scheme"
      We confirm the development and begin planing to start construction.
    • May 2018
      We start the hard work!
      In the next 18 months, this project will go from a grassland to a full blown Utopia with state-of-the-art modern, luxurious and contemporary homes.
    • October 2019
      End of construction
      We anticipate construction to come to completion at this stage and begin the hand over of all new homes to their respective buyers whilst supporting clients' every need to help them take ownership successfully.

      Prometheus offers a 3 year warranty on all new homes with a 10 year warranty on construction defects.

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