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The Prometheus Brand

We maintain our ongoing pursuit of perfection. Every Prometheus Project carries the highest standard of quality, and our vigorous, demanding approach ensures nothing less than perfection!

Partner with Prometheus to develop properties of the future

Prometheus is a high end boutique property developer in Mauritius with a strong brand representing quality and cutting edge design.
Prometheus is a real estate development company that has rapidly earned a reputation for being an innovative, out-of-the-box creator, crafting exquisite developments of the tomorrow, today.

The company creates high-end residential, commercial, land and mixed-use projects, world-renowned for originality, attention to detail and rich quality of life.
Each project is carefully selected with a grand vision for life in the future. The team believe in developing projects of a very high standard, boasting unique qualities that grasp the current market demand and deliver an end product the likes of which the world has never seen.

We have teamed up with hand-picked and highly trained leaders in the real estate development field, inclusive of architects, builders, designers, engineers, creative planners, lawyers and sales partners.

All disciplines are under one roof, working together cohesively to form a one-stop-shop that delivers nothing less than perfection - The Prometheus Brand.

Property Development


We offer some of the most attractively structured deals for land owners to realise the full potential of their property. We do this by raising its full value, no matter the size, incentivising the partnership by providing you with the potential to earn an additional premium payment on top of your land value.

A brief summary of our services

  • Site procurement and building approval including zoning
  • Development on project management, full self-development or joint venture basis
  • Project feasibility and structured project financing models
  • Architectural and interior design components
  • Marketing through our 200 agents worldwide
  • 3D modelling and virtual reality planning
  • Development of construction and cost management
  • Construction savings with in-house teams
  • Marketing and sales through local and international investors, off-plan sales planning
  • Customer acquisition and KYC management
  • All permits and applications, client, property and regulatory
  • Site construction management