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Tour in 3D Virtual Reality

Take an interactive virtual tour through our Interstellar property

The Villas

The Villas

Start experiencing the INTERSTELLAR villa, either on your computer or on a Google Cardboard VR headset.

Virtual Tours

It’s great that buyers now have the benefit of knowing that “What they see is what they’ll get!”

Prometheus has created a truly realistic virtual experience of its homes, through the powerful incorporation of high quality computer-generated architectural images, combined with drone photography. This allows prospective buyers to sit in their prospective homes and see the actual view from any area of the property, even the rooftop.

Prometheus's Virtual Property Tour is a first for the Madeira real estate industry.

HOW TO USE Virtual Reality

  • Assemble your VR headset and navigate to this page via your smart phone device
  • Click START on your tour of choice, and then click on the PLAY icon on your phone or device
  • Your smart phone screen will now open up the Panoramic view, you need to click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner to reveal the drop down menu and click on "VR MODE"
  • Place your smartphone inside the VR headset/Google Cardboard to navigate, and you will officially be able to witness your 360 Virtual tour in amazing 3D
  • To navigate from room to room, simply focus your field of view directly on the hotspots or ‘Round Circles’ when navigating in order to load up that area of the property
  • Soak up your surroundings by moving your head up and down and turning your body around 360 degrees, for a full, realistic experience.
Buy your own VR headset
They are available for $2 from EBay, Amazon and other online retailers who ship to global destinations. Our partner estate agents also have free headsets for you to utilized during your presentation.

If you do not possess a VR headset, all you need to do is use your portable device, and open each section to begin browsing on screen.

~ Priyesh, CEO ~

Virtual reality is a powerful and dynamic tool that provides you as the home buyer with increased confidence to part with your hard earned money and invest in an off-the-plan Prometheus Home