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We have travelled the world in search of the one place that we could call home! That was when we found true paradise, the perfect balance of lifestyle and amenities, in the island of Madeira. Follow us and see why you could live a life of dreams, in Madeira.
~Joen & Amalie - StayClassy



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We are travellers, foodies, vloggers, creators, designers. Just two humans with a passion for sharing Madeira, Portugal with the world.
We work with and follow the journey of Prometheus to create who some of the finest luxurious homes in the island of Madeira!


Saudade 7.0

Touring Our Futuristic Jungle Home

Saudade 6.0

The Greatest Feature in our New House

Saudade 5.0

Unboxing Our New Dream House!

Saudade 4.0

Our Dream Villa is FINALLY ready!

Saudade 3.0

Our JAW-DROPPING Dream Villa is ACTUALLY Ready! (full update)

Saudade 2.0

Our JAW-DROPPING Dream Villa in Portugal is (almost) Complete!

Saudade 1.0

Buying a Dream Villa in Madeira!


Madeira Archipelago!

The Heavenly Island NO ONE Knows About

Madeira Island!

If We Had Money and Lived on THIS Island!


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