Exquisite Homes in Paradise surrounded by Nature, Blue Seas, Mountains, Cliffs and pristine nature


The Design
Saudade is immersed on the sea front cliffs facing the sea with stunning views of nature at its best in suburb of Ponta Do Sol and Ribeira Brava. Also known as the hottest part of the island.

The Ponta Do Sol and Ribeira Brava area is highly sought after, thanks to its stunning, pristine nature and views, bustling lifestyle, highly developed communities and unspoilt scenery. All of this makes for not only a great destination, but a sound investment too. Saudade is situated amidst immaculate surroundings at the heart of Ponta Do Sol and Ribeira Brava, very close to the capital city Funchal, with extraordinary sea views and water ideal for swimming and water sports purposes.

Design that is dedicated to creating space for escapism.
The Pursuit of Perfection
Every detail is carefully curated. Slow luxury like never before, lived through the lens of enlightenment. A search for peace.
Built using plenty of from sustainable wood, metal and recycled materials. Employs a fabric first approach to energy efficiency - wrapped in natural and recycled insulations to reduce energy demand before considering the potential of expensive ‘renewable’ energy systems.
Sky Gazing
Stunning sky light voids above your abode.
Space Time
We spend bulk of our time in living spaces that we call home. Each room is just built right for disconnection and privacy.
Integrated toilet, showers and sinks with a view. Everything you need in simplicity including an indoor bedroom spa bath.
Madeira, Portugal
Madeira, one of Europe's most beautiful island destinations, offers an all-year-round summer climate and wonderful flora and fauna. In addition, it is one of the safest locations in the world and offers a culturally-rich and healthy lifestyle, boasting a lively nightlife, international restaurants, spectacular seascapes, a clear blue ocean with towering cliffs, as well as quiet valleys and serene parks. The natural beauty, temperate climate, unique waterfalls and mountain sports, hand in hand with its popular festivals, local traditions, cultural and culinary highlights, make Madeira a multi-faceted destination. Feel the energy flowing from the cosmopolitan ambiance of Funchal, admire the breathtaking landscapes or enjoy a traditional gastronomic delicacy. For the more energetic and adventurous amongst its inhabitants, there is scuba-diving, surfing, windsurfing or jet-skiing.
Individual spaces with character.
Open plan, designed around a spa experience for meditative tranquility.
Madeira, Portugal
Saudade is a contemporary collection of three, 3-bedroom luxurious houses where owners can privately enjoy their own slice of paradise.

An amazing 60% of Madeira is a unique nature reserve with UNESCO World Heritage status. With a lush subtropical feel and many dramatic mountain and levada walks, nature is all around and never far away. The island has unique and abundant flowers, earning a deserved reputation as a gardener's paradise.

Madeira was discovered by the Portuguese in 1419 and the islands were uninhabited, despite being only 280 miles from Africa. The first settlement was between 1420 and 1425, and the island was named Madeira in 1433. Madeira, due to its quite exceptional year-round subtropical temperatures, was ideal for growing sugar cane and the island made a fortune in the then 'white gold', which was later to be replaced by the rather more sophisticated Madeira wine industry. Today, Madeira, with its Portuguese influence and friendly people, is a growing destination for those searching for a quiet and safe escape in the sun, to either call home or to have a year-round island getaway.

Madeira is an especially charming all-year island, where average temperatures range from 18 degrees in February to 27 degrees in August, making it a leading destination for winter sun. The island is served by direct European flights all year round from airports throughout the UK, Spain, France and Germany. The cosmopolitan capital of Funchal is graced with a vast number of diverse restaurants, coffee bars and modern shopping centres, and, unlike many destinations, the vast array of restaurants are open all year round, ensuring an excellent lifestyle.

Eccentric Detailing
Every space is designed with thought, with purpose.
Polyvalent Spaces
Yoga, painting, or sun lounging, there are spaces for time spent with just you.
The Ocean
Set in the cliff edge of Ribeira Brava coast, Madeira, with dramatic sea views.
Property Styles
  • Type: VILLA
  • Rooms: 3
  • Built Size: 387 - 415 ㎡
  • Sea View: Yes
  • Infinity Pool: 36 ㎡
  • Jacuzzi: 6 ㎡
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Floors: 3
  • Automation: Yes
  • Laundry: Yes
  • Living Room: 1
  • Outdoor Lounge: Yes
  • Lift Facility: Yes
  • Garage: 1
  • Guest Parking: 1
  • Disability: Yes

The Prometheus projects were crafted with a vision of giving you a shining beacon to call home. Madeira lies in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, abundant in rugged cliffs, magnificent waterfalls and endless opportunities for invigorating adventure. That is why we created 5* luxurious homes to match the environment.
World Class Golf Courses
Madeira Islands offer 3 world-class golf courses: Santo da Serra Golf Course (host of the Madeira Open from the PGA tour), the amazing Porto Santo Golf Course and the Palheiro Golf Course.Discover a choice of exciting, challenging, world-class championship golf courses with spectacular sea views and beautiful, natural settings in the perfect sporting climate.

  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Double Beds, 1 Polyvalent Room For Single Bed, Office Or Hobby Room
  • Walk-In Wardrobe In Master Bedroom
  • Shared Washroom For Second Bedroom & Polyvalent Room
  • Inbuilt Storage Cupboards In All Rooms
  • Air Conditioning Installation In All Rooms
  • Spot Lighting Across All Areas
  • Ambient Lighting In All External Areas
  • Open-Plan Kitchen With Extractor And Bar Counter
  • Private Laundry Room
  • Pool Services Room
  • Large Vehicle Garage With Automatic Door
  • Guest Toilet On Ground Floor
  • Storage Room
  • Lift Shaft With Option For Coat/Shoe Storage Room
  • Large Indoor Dining Area
  • Outdoor Dining Area With Canope
  • Outdoor Relaxation Fireplace Area With Sea Views
  • Double Separated Living Rooms
  • Glass Curtain Walls On 3 Facades For Spectacular Sea Views
  • Key Features
  • Home Elevator / Lift Capability
  • Roman Spa Bath In Master Bathroom
  • His And Hers Sinks In Master Bathroom
  • Rain Showers
  • Double Ceiling Voids Around Library
  • Private Study Library
  • Led Linear Lighting On Steps And Entrances
  • Smart Connected Home Features With Lighting Controls & Apple Siri
  • Outdoor Gas Fireplace
  • Outdoor Bbq & Drinks Bar
  • 4 Multi-Level Contemporary Floors On Ground Floor
  • Wine Rack Kitchen Wall
  • Vertical Herb Garden
  • Outdoor Heated Jacuzzi
  • Infinity Pool With Immersed Sun Loungers
  • 360 Degree Views With Glass Curtain Walls
  • Terraces With Views From Master Bedroom & Second Room
  • Why Madeira?
    Climate: Without question, Madeira has an exceptional all-year climate ranging from February averages of 18 degrees to August highs of 27 degrees, with a constant fine average temperature of 23 degrees. Often described as the Atlantic Pearl, the island has a fine reputation as Europe's leading island resort destination and is much loved by those who live on or visit the beautiful island.

    Flora of Madeira: A good part of Madeira's inescapable charm is its reputation for its beautiful gardens and flora. Over 60% of Madeira is a mountainous nature reserve with UNESCO World Heritage status. Walking in the lush Madeira mountains and the unique levada waterways is a tremendous experience and boasts some of the best views anywhere. Rich and diverse, Madeira has over 2000 miles of plentiful walks to be explored.

    Safety: Madeira and its islands are extremely safe and secure, with the lowest crime rate per capita in Europe. Madeira has 15 local police stations.

    The Local People: Discovered in 1419 by Portuguese explorers blown off course, the islands were uninhabited and densely wooded. Being sub-tropical, they were soon producing large harvests of sugar cane, leading Madeira to became the world's largest sugar producer, until this was replaced in the 17th century by the Madeira wine industry. Today, Madeira is autonomous and follows Lisbon as the second highest income area in Portugal. The locals are well-educated, speak excellent English and will make you feel very welcome in your new lifestyle.

    Living in Madeira: Madeira has excellent opportunities with hotels and nature activities tied to tourism. Madeira is also an excellent place to relocate a business from the UK with a specially-advantaged international free trade zone and good tax incentives. A large income growth area is high quality short-term holiday rentals, which offer complete year-round income and provide excellent returns.

    Madeira Airport: The airport is served by almost 200 flights a week and enjoys over 30 flights a week from the UK. Flights are good value for money and are at various times of the day. The flight time is less than 4 hours from the UK. There are also many daily flights to Lisbon and Porto. A ferry will soon offer a link from Portugal, too.

    Healthcare: There are 3 hospitals and over 25 health centres or surgeries located in various parts of the island. Madeira also has the 4th highest doctor to patient ratio in Europe, with over 1200 doctors serving around 250,000 residents.

    Star Gazing with epic sunsets
    Not a day goes by where spectacular sunsets don’t occur, with shooting stars and the entire galaxy showing itself above your head - every night! Living in Madeira offers you a truly unique experience to live through a different set of eyes – once you never could have imagined existed.
    Still not enough? Well, the coastline is perfect for deep sea fishing as well as dolphin watching – something for every adventurer!
    SAUDADE.CALHETA Homes have sky decks on the front, ideal for sun lounging and star gazing. An infinity pool seals the deal, allowing you to watch every breath-taking sunset – day after day.

    Project Timeline

    • February 2020
      Inception and Discovery
      Prometheus successfully identified a viable site for the project.
    • March 2020
      Project Set Up
      Creation of company, partner agreements, resolutions and project road map to deliver project from concept to construction.

      Preparation for all applications begin.
    • April 2021
      Site Video is Created

      Architect begins work on the site plans and designs.

      Discovery process begins to determine best design approach for the plot of land.
    • August 2021
      Finalisation of Architectural plans
      After deliberation and continuous refinement, the project design is confirmed, ready to proceed to the approvals and marketing phase.
      Project videos, virtual reality, brochures and all other supporting material is printed ready for distribution and marketing.
      Application is shortly lodged with the municipality for building approval.
    • September 2021
      Formalisation of Finances and Pre-approvals
      Project is approved for marketing worldwide, full launch begins and the project is now open to the public for purchase.
      Prometheus begins necessary legal arrangements for construction planning.
    • October 2021
      Preparation for the next stage of the process
      Background preparation for the next phase of approvals for building. Prometheus begins extensive work to issue tenders, approvals from various ministries such as land use, environmental and others.
    • November 2021
      Off plan sales until financial break-even point
      1 year of marketing

      Property sales are ongoing and once a level of sales is achieved as defined in the business plan, Prometheus will be able to offer the buyers a Guarantee of Completion to start construction.

      Prometheus will collect deposits safely in escrow from all client reservations and keep clients updated regularly on the process.
    • December 2021
      Sales required to start construction achieved
      We anticipate this to occur within 12 months of marketing and once achieved, we apply for final approval from the Bank to begin construction.
    • March 2021
      Start construction and applications for Golden Visa started.
      We confirm the development and begin planing to start construction.
    • May 2021
      We start the hard work!
      In the next 12 months, this project will go from a grassland to a full blown Utopia with state-of-the-art modern, luxurious and contemporary homes.
    • December 2023
      End of construction
      We anticipate construction to come to completion at this stage and begin the hand over of all new homes to their respective buyers whilst supporting clients' every need to help them take ownership successfully.

      Prometheus offers a 3 year warranty on all new homes with a 10 year warranty on construction defects.