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Smart Home Interior Package

The Prometheus "SMART HOME" package installs some of the finest home automation technology products into your home, providing an unrivalled cutting edge experience. With this package, you will get front row seats to watch as your home evolves into a seamlessly connected piece of paradise!

This pack comes with a FREE iPAD ready and set up to get you started!



The complete connected home solution. Simple and easy to use, you can now control many elements of your your home through your phone or smart device, and even talk to it for the epitome of convenience.

Using your iPad or tablet, you will be able to control every electrically connected component of your home. Even if you leave your home or go on holiday, you’ll never have to worry again, because you know that you have full control of your home remotely, no matter where life takes you.

This system has a catalogue of over 200 products available, which allow you to easily add on any smart home technology you may be interested in in the future.
Insteon is compatible with pretty much any technology out there, giving you the power to control any element in your home.

Here is what we enable for your home:
- All wall switches so you can control just about any light using your phone.
- LED Bulbs, with the ability to deem and control ambient lighting, not just turn off or on.
- All major electric power points/outlets, giving you control over lamps, sound systems and any other gadgets you may plug in. You can also use any international plug you wish.
- Wireless Cameras access all of your home's security systems on the go. Receive convenient and all-important alerts too.
- Security sensors for main doors, motion sensors, garage door control and an audible alarm.
- Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors to keep your family safe at all times.
- Automatic door lock controls lock or open the main door's remotely - without the need for keys ever again.
- Automated Curtains, Blinds and Rollers.



Apple's Homepod - Your family's personal Artificial Intelligence!

Your family's personal Artificial Intelligence sits in your home and is available to answer any question on demand or do any task you need it to.

Apple Homepod is a hands-free speaker that you have the power to control using just your voice. Echo connects to the Siri Voice Service to play music or provide information, news, sports scores, weather and more – all in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is ask!

The Homepod has several microphones and beam forming technology so it can hear you from across the room - even if music is playing. The Homepod is also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with 360° immersive sound. Should you wish to experience the power of Siri, just say the wake word "Siri" and the Homepod will respond instantaneously.
Use Siri to switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn on a fan or space heater while reading in your favourite chair, or even dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie - all without lifting so much as a finger.

Siri works with INSTEON, your perfect partnership! Ask Siri to do anything in your home, like switch off the lights in the bedroom or even lock the front door. Ask and you shall receive!



A Smart Home Robot that monitors everything and anything!

The all-in-one home security system you can control from the convenience of your own smartphone. It’s built to learn and send intelligent alerts with HD video and audio - directly to your phone.

Night Vision - See what's happening day or night with automatic infrared LEDs.

Home health Technology - Monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity to better understand your home.

Cloud Storage - view recorded video and audio events for up to 30 days.



Smart Air Conditioning control using your phone. Save energy with ease.

Location based on/off - Tado° automatically adjusts the air conditioning based on your location: cool before you get home, saving when you're away.

Control from anywhere - No matter where you are - on the road or at work! Change any setting with unrivalled ease of use.

Save money - Save up to 40% on your AC costs. Tado° pays for itself in less than a year.

The Tado° Smart AC Control works with most remote-controlled air conditioners, controlling them via IR - just like your old remote control.



Smart Home door locking and monitoring. This provides easily controlled access for your family, staff or guests - no keys required.

August Smart Lock works with the free August Home app to create keys, grant access, view the activity log and more - available on both Android™ and iOS®.

You can even use your Apple watch to lock/unlock your door, view your activity log and receive instant notifications.

Control your August Smart Lock-Home Kit Enabled, using Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Apple Home Kit provides an easy and secure way to check your lock status, and even lock/unlock your door. It’s everything you love in the August Smart Lock, now with Apple Home Kit features.



Intelligent security at your fingertips!

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro makes it simpler than ever to keep an eye on home at all times. View your SmartCam through your phone, and even set up motion and audio alerts so you don’t miss a thing ever again.

The SmartCam introduces many advanced features to deliver a high-calibre experience day after day.

Together with INSTEON sensors and TADO, you’ll gain exclusive and complete control over your home security!

All in One device: CCTV, Baby Monitor, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio and Motion Detection.



Automatic home vacuum cleaner that keeps your home tidy day in and day out.

The iRobot 3-Stage Cleaning System uses a combination of three advanced technologies to pick up pet hair, dust and larger debris too.

Runs continuously for up to two hours, automatically recharging and resuming cleaning until the entire job is complete. It is so smart; it will never lose track of where it is or where it has been. Ever

Easy to use, self-managed, app controlled. Simply press clean and it will get straight to work vacuuming your floors - even when you're not there.