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Luxury Minimalist Apartments


Simple in form, beautifully designed.


BŁOOM residences represents the emotion of the pure simplicity of participating in nature rather than just being a witness. Fully immersed amongst the stars at night, the sunrise in the morning, the birds call at daybreak, the smell of dew on grass or evening light falling through the trees.

An elegant and of functional sculptural form with dramatic views of the forests, oceans and wild meadows of western coast Portugal, set amidst breathtaking wild countryside UNESCO nature reserves in the heritage archipelago of Madeira.

A project executed through the collaboration of three giants, Prometheus, Nokken and Stay Classy (Joen x Amalie).

Set in the meadows in the outskirts Madeira, around a UNESCO world heritage natural reserve.
Design that is dedicated to creating space for escapism.
The Pursuit of Perfection
Every detail is carefully curated. Slow luxury like never before, lived through the lens of enlightenment. A search for peace.
Every space, is purposeful and functional.
Built completely from sustainable wood, metal and recycled materials. Employs a fabric first approach to energy efficiency - wrapped in natural and recycled insulations to reduce energy demand before considering the potential of expensive ‘renewable’ energy systems.
Sky Gazing
Stunning sky light voids above your abode.
Space Time
Tiny but huge, we spend bulk of our time in living spaces that we call home. Each cabin is just built right for disconnection and privacy.
Integrated toilet, showers and sinks. Everything you need in simplicity.
Materialism is not complete without the connection to water. Bloom is built on top of surrounding water bodies.
Meditative tranquility
Epic sunsets and dramatic mists echoed by light leaks through the forests. Sandy banks around landscaped rugged nature and scattered rocky ponds.
Polyvalent Spaces
Yoga, painting, or sun lounging, there are spaces for time spent with just you.
Decks Amidst Water

Body and Soul
Spaces to find your inner soul.

Kitchen & Living

The Office
Spaces for creativity, writing memoirs and office.
The Ocean
Located in the Western Coast of Madeira, the ocean and its vast beaches are only a stone's throw away.
Interior Design
Our vision for the Bloom interiors has always been inspired by the essence of the outdoors - To capture that joyous feeling that comes with camping in nature that is aligned towards functionality, simplicity and quality rather than glitz and glamour. This purposely reinforces a sense of escapism and a greater connection and emphasis to the landscape.
Bloom captures an effortless Nordic styling within every cabin, each one blending seamlessly into its natural surroundings and offering a local connection to the guest.
These cabins are ‘Swiss army knives’ combining everything you need and nothing you don’t. All packaged together in a modern, natural aesthetic that will only get better with age.
With the interiors clad in wall to wall wood, the overall feeling is soft, welcoming and embracing. This is further complimented but matching joinery and zonal lighting that creates the ultimate environment for being close to nature but in perfect comfort.
The modern and sleek bathrooms round-off the interior spaces by providing a sanctuary that would not be out of place in the finest boutique apartments.

Exterior Design
The exterior of Bloom has been created to be tough, functional and adaptable. Being able to perform in both freezing cold climates and boiling hot ones is no easy feat, however these residences do with it ease.
How? We invested months of research into the Bloom’s thermal properties and breath-ability ratings ensuring it performs as required and puts comfort foremost, and all achieved using eco-wool and wood pulp layering. You’ll never find any of that nasty, plasticity, artificial foam insulation used.. ever!
Working in tandem with the dark stained larch cladding, our Nokken signature perforated metal-work provides your cabin with a distinctive modern and minimalist look, combining graceful rawness with sleekness. This isn’t just for good looks though, over time the perforated nature of the steel allows for plants to grow upwards, truly integrating the unit into the landscape.
Many of our Bloom apartments ‘footprints’ have a picture window arrangement choice. For example, a version where the main window is located on the short side of a rectangle and a version on the long side. This allows for even greater flexibility and use of natural light. All important if you want to either frame the view of a beautiful landscape or obtain a greater degree of privacy.