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The Prometheus Brand

We maintain our ongoing pursuit of perfection. Every Prometheus Project carries the highest standard of quality, and our vigorous, demanding approach ensures nothing less than perfection!

We are never fully satisfied. We are perfectionists - it’s makes us who we are...

Our Commitment

Unwavering attention to detail, ongoing refinement and dedication with every ounce of our time and energy. to every inch of our project creates the Prometheus Brand, exceptional, superior and picture-perfect. We are committed to creating a living standard beyond your expectations and to change the future of home enjoyment.

  • To go beyond the realms of architectural possibility, developing breath-taking homes that are unrivalled in quality.
  • To design state-of-the-art real estate in the midst of beautiful nature and all its glory.
  • To utilise smart home technology to create the homes of the tomorrow, today.
  • To provide, uphold and adhere to the highest levels of services to our client\s’ every need.
  • To deliver on every aspect of our promise to you - and beyond.
The Prometheus Guarantee
  • We guarantee that your investment will bring a superior rental income, and higher selling value with average yields at 5-8%.
  • We are able to secure your money owing to the manner in which the developments are structured, through the bank, lawyers and Government of Mauritius.
  • Purchasing one of our developments will automatically reward you with permanent residency status in Mauritius.
  • A smart, luxury and contemporary villa in absolute paradise awaits you and your family. Enjoy the life of a European standard home.
  • Prometheus boasts a whole team dedicated to managing your every requirement, from financing to banking, insurance, accounting, legal and registration and more.
  • Every one of our products has a10-year guarantee, as well as an extensive range of on-site facilities.

We offer identical development and construction guarantees as exist in the USA and Europe.
Invest with confidence in a well-structured guarantee system that is fully notarised, and specifically designed for your personal reassurance. Your investment is backed with well-established and world-renowned banks, insurance companies and internationally recognised quality control service experts.

Vision of The Prometheus Brand

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  • French

Some of our team's most recent work

LES VILLAS INTEMPORELLES, an RES residence in Grand Bay, North of Mauritius, conveniently nearby all activities and amenities offered within this popular seaside resort, commerce, medical centres and fitness facilities.