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    Invest in Portugal . In a life of dreams . Luxury Properties . High Return on Investment

    We are an international property developer, carefully crafting stunning and one-of-a-kind modern developments
    Creating a utopia in paradise, and a superior living space that you can call home.

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    Smart Contemporary Luxurious Home Developer
    Design, Innovate, Create and Develop Properties of the Future!

    Have you got what it takes to make the move? To take what you see in your mind, and turn what you have always dreamt of…into reality?

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    Contemporary, Luxury Living in the Heart of Madeira

    Stunning Sea Views and Dramatic Sunsets. Stargaze and watch the rolling seas rage whilst relaxing by the fireplace.

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    A magnificent sea front development of stunning contemporary living in popular town of Calheta, Madeira.

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    Contemporary properties of the future, designed for all budgets, crafted dream homes apartments. Experience Portugal like you have never before.



The Brand

We specialise in selective boutique designs. providing the highest value real estate developments for our prestigious clients.

We adhere to a strict code of standards, on our mission to ensure we can build luxury properties of the highest quality, integrating innovation, smart technology and superior products to craft some of the most beautiful dream properties on the planet.

“The Ongoing Pursuit of Perfection”

~Albert Einstein~

Life isn't worth living, unless it is lived for someone else in Prometheus.

Prime Location

We develop properties in some of the Earth’s most captivating and picturesque locations.

Our properties are built on sites of between 1 and 5 acres, offering a variety of mesmerizing views boasting mountains and rivers, as well as flawless nature, city and sea views.

We value both perfection and balance, which is why we work to develop only the finest luxury properties, close to important amenities, allowing you to be one with paradise with unrivalled access to everything you love, need and care for.

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Our Team

A Pioneering Team, building luxury projects for two generations

Dr. P.H. PatÉl

The chairman of Prometheus. is an expert entrepreneur with strong experience in investments, retail, technology, design and construction.

Priyesh is also web developer, an author and an inventor with over 25 global design and utility patents.

He utilizes his meticulous attention to detail to deliver on every idea with non-negotiable perfection, with the rare excellent ability to turn concepts into perfected products and services with a wealth of successful businesses in his portfolio.

We have been an integral part of the property development and construction since the 1980's. Our small family ignited the spark with a humble, modest workshop that specialised in steel fabrication. However, we quickly ventured out into carpentry, construction and engineering.

We found ourselves looking to the future, using our resources and experiences to develop properties contemporary properties that represent the epitome of unwavering luxury.

We possess a strong network of partners who have joined forced with us to make the Prometheus vision a reality. We work with only the top Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Interior Designers and Legal Advisors around, placing you and your property in safe hands 24/7, 365.

We practice extreme caution when it comes to selecting teams to form a part of a Prometheus project. We search to identify experience, work history, guarantees, financial stability, skills and the unparalleled ability to deliver beyond expectations. This enables us to create properties of the highest standard, delivered through the knowledgebase of our experts that do this day in and day out.

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We build dreams for you and those you love the most!


State-of-the-Art Development . High Return on investment . Exquisite Locations . World Class Service . Superior Property Management

Highest Specification Architecture

5* Luxury Properties

Our properties are crafted using only top-notch and world-renowned architectural standards, harnessing premium quality construction materials to create the luxury homes of tomorrow, today. The so called "Footballer's Homes" for affordable prices!


Property Management & Conciergery

Once you commit to buying your new home, our work isn’t over. We move on to provide you, your family and tenants with world class hotel standard concierge services, ensuring that your property is managed with precision and great care for as long as is needed.

A to Z Fanatical Service

We take care of everything

All you have to do is say "yes", and we’ll take care of the entire purchase process from start to finish. From Mauritian visas to settling in and beyond, your exciting journey will be unwaveringly supported by our high-class and expert team, who will also provide you with comprehensive documentation inclusive of a 300-page Home Owner's Manual.

Home Decor Packages

Interior, Exterior and Smart Home Technology

We work with some of the globe’s top interior decorators to design your home with a customized flair. You’ll benefit from our global licenses with Amazon and Google, enabling us to install top-notch technologies in your home, fully embracing luxury housing of the future.

Virtual Reality

Live and breathe your new place to call home

We utilize the latest and greatest technology to enable you to live and breathe your home before buying. You can test out our virtual reality headsets at any one of our agent's offices, stepping inside and outside your currently unbuilt property. Prepare to discover exactly what it will feel like to live in your superior, fully-furnished home upon completion.

Industry's Best

Our talented team is a collection of the top experts in the Indian Ocean region. We work exclusively with the most experienced, forward-thinking companies to deliver our projects, from architects, estate agents, project managers, engineers, notaries to well-trained hospitality staff and beyond.

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